Listing your home in 2021?

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Real Estate

1. You may be able to skip presale home improvements
In addition to cleaning your house for showings, preparing to sell your home often means doing minor (or major) repairs and upgrades. But home buyers are stalking real estate listings and jumping on those that even get close to checking all the boxes, so sellers could likely save some money by limiting or forgoing expensive projects altogether.

2. It will all move very quickly
If you list your home in this market, there’s little question of the outcome. Barring any significant defaults or dramatic overpricing, you’ll sell your home. It will happen quickly, and you could receive multiple offers over the listing price.

3. You’ll face stiff competition shopping for a replacement home
The very things that make it a good time to sell make it a tough time to buy a house. For the rest of these sellers, entering the crowded pool of home buyers will present challenges.