Your Response to COVID-19 Can Attract Clients

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Real Estate

In a relationship-driven business like real estate, it may seem impossible to keep physical distance yet still feel emotionally connected. But practitioners are finding new ways to form bonds with their clients during the coronavirus pandemic and increase their customer pipelines.

To do that, take “HEART.”

-Humanize your company
-Educate about change
-Assure stability
-Revolutionize your offerings
-Tackle the future

H- Leverage empathy by acknowledging the unique circumstances your past and current customers are facing during this time.

E- Share with customers via social media, e-newsletters, and on your website how they can interact with you during the pandemic. Let them know the business changes you’ve made, too.

A- As the economic and personal toll of the virus mounts, customers may look to companies for assurance. Require clients to sign a COVID-19 release form prior to home showings, will put them at ease.

R- “The pandemic has forced innovation in doing things differently.” Real estate professionals are using tech tools for showings, such as virtual tours and agent-led video walkthroughs.

T- For example, relying on face-to-face showings before the pandemic may have been time-consuming. Now brokerages have developed new ways to virtually show homes and keep people from having to spend time traveling to a property.